Welcome to Pajeros de Berto

4 country houses each of  it for 2 to 4 people.

Rustic-style charm with modern equipment and swimming pool.

On the west side of La Palma, nearby the small village La Laguna, Berto has achieved a little work of art. Four old  pajeros, fairly 80 years old, were revived by a lot of work and very much fondness. And more than this, keeping the whole charm of the old houses Berto has incorporated any comfort that you need today.

After a trying hike the swimming pool invites to take a fresh bath.

There has been kept the gablewood roofs which were still timbered by pine heartwood, named “tea”, heavy und rich in resin.

Also there has been respected the masonry work. Fermer the houses were built in dry construction. The fitted lava pieces, which changed by the hands of the stone-cutter into building material, were used to built up walls of 50 to

60 cm thickness. This proved a stable but airy structure.

This way, wind and weather, mouse and worser things could penetrate almost freely into the houses. Now Berto has plastered all the walls in laborious work so that nobody can come in without being asked, but all lava stones remains visible.

As beneficial effect this masonry work still cares for a good climate balance, heat or cold stay out equally.

Now in this rustic-style ambiance Berto has fitted all so actual details like complete kitchen and bathroom.

The bedrooms were provided with modern beds, disc-tested mattresses cares for pleasant sleep.

Each of the four houses has it’s private entrance, own terrace with garden furniture and built garden grill.

Each house has it’s own parking area for your hired car.

Each house has sea view.

Each house disposes of  Satellite TV with all German programms.

It remains to say: In a small site street the houses are also suitable for guests sensitive to noise.

Casa Azul for 2-4 people. This is, together with Casa Rosa, the biggest one of the three houses “Pajeros de Berto”:

Two bedrooms, a big one with 2 single beds and a smaller one with 2 single beds. Living room with two two-seater sofas, open kitchen with dining table, enough place for more guests. Bathroom/shower. Own terrace with built grill. Ca.

68 m² living area; terrace with the same surface.

Casa Rosa for 2-4 people:

Wheelchair friendly, 2 bedrooms each with 2 single beds. Living room with settee, big dining table and full equipped open kitchen. Big bathroom/shower. Own terrace with pergola and built garden grill.

65 m² living area space plus terrace.

Casa Amarilla for 2-3 people:

The middle size house. 1 bedroom with 2 single beds and 1 bedroom with 1 bed. Living room with settee and full equipped open kitchen. Bathroom/shower. Own terrace with sea view. Living area

46 m² and terrace.

Casa Verde for 2 people:

The smallest house. 1 bedroom with two single beds. Big living room with full equipped open kitchen. Bathroom/shower. Own terrace with pergola and built garden grill.

The “Pajeros de Berto” offers the ideal oportunity to stay together with your friends or family. Then on the pool all can come together, nevertheless everybody has his own space.

So you can spend a pleasant time together without narrowness. This cares for relaxing holidays.

Please take the prices of the separate houses from the detailed description.

By the way, for enough linen is cared; you must not bring more than a beach towel.

The price includes change of towels twice a week, as well as once a week change of bed linen and small cleaning.

Children are warmly welcome! For young children all the houses “Pajeros de Berto”  dispose of children’s beds.

A child till 6 years don’t pay, we calculate 2 children less than 6 years like one adult.

Children’s beds or additional beds we place free of charge at your disposal. But we please, to bring bed linen for young children!

Please be advised, that our offer is without engagement. A reservation is only valid when it has been confirmed by both sides in writing (this could be by e-mail or fax).

The payment takes place on the spot in

La Palma. For more details please visit our terms and conditions!